March 6, 2018

When asked what you do for a living?...What do you say?

Conversation has started..Have you ever said "Knitting" when someone asks you what you do for a living?

The typical conversation's topic is usually about where you work. Well, since the baby bummers, more people are used to working well into the retirement age. Also, as you see both older and younger people working together, you see...these 2 ages are working together, but you see housewives are doing crafts at home!

But there are still many people who believe that housewives work from home and it's not raising children. I will confess that I have done this twice. I thought this would be raising children, but the Lord did not bless me in this wife.

However both my husbands preferred me to work from home so I did. And I will confess from home that I am I am a mother to 3 cats and I couldn't love them any more. They are my babies. Okay, enough about me!!! Back to you! Take a minute to add to this post at the bottom and tell me your answers!

I know many people will disagree with the way I lead my life, and that's okay! However, lets keep the constructive consideration to a minimum, and focus on your life and all about YOU but you are welcome to add to this blog and tell us your story!

I am anxious to see who read this post and answered all the questions! So, get to work!!


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