March 10, 2016

Simple Garter Stitch Scarf for Beginners

Free Scarf Pattern by Michele Kelsey

This free knitting pattern is super easy and will keep whoever receives it very warm. You can make it one stranded, but this particular one was double stranded. I made it for my husband when we were dating. The link below will take you to the specifics of the pattern, the materials I used, and some learning videos to teach you how to knit if you do not know how yet.

This pattern is very simple as it only uses the Knit (K) stitch, which is why it is called a "Garter Stitch Scarf." Even someone who is an experienced knitter can make this in their sleep practically as it is so simple and fun to do! However, it is ideal for a beginner or anyone who just know the basics or hasn't knitted for a long time!

Please enjoy it, and all beginners should feel free to play around and adjust this pattern as they learn and grow as knitters! My only request is that you do not profit from my pattern in any way financially.

Link to Pattern:


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