February 18, 2016

Knitting a Romantic Project

I love giving my spouse things that I've knitted. We aren't an overly spontaneous romantic couple, but he does occasionally surprise me. Typically my surprises are more along the lines of things I do, like organizing, cleaning or decorating something that he really appreciates.

The reason I do this is because he is to me at least a typical guy in that he knows what he wants or needs and will just go out and buy it. So when I knit for him I have to plan ahead. 

For me this means finding out what item he would like me to knit him in advance. He also likes to pick the yarn color and type at the store. I actually think it's kind of cool that he is interested in my favorite hobby. 

So my process for knitting something romantic typically goes like this:

Step one: ask my husband what he would like to have knitted and let him choose the yarn. 

Step two: work on knitting his project when he is out with friends or at work so that he doesn't know how much time I spend on it or even if I'm working on it. 

Step three: finish the project and hold onto it for Valentine's Day, our anniversary, his birthday or Christmas if those days are coming up in the near future. 

Typically by the time one of those holidays comes around he has forgotten that he asked me to make him something and he is surprised by the end product because he didn't know I was working on it behind his back. 

He is usually surprised by the end result and he always loves whatever I have created for him partly because it was made with love and partly because he forgot he asked for it and how much he wanted it. 

In this picture you can see a cowl that I made him for Christmas last year. We bought the yarn together and he knew what he wanted me to make, but I made it in private and he didn't know what the pattern would look like. When he opened his Christmas gift on Christmas morning he was shocked at how soft it was and how beautifully it had turned out. Now he wears it all the time and it's one of his favorite accessories!

Every time he wears it he gets a complement and he loves to brag that his wife made it for him! Everyone always says that it looks so soft and he takes that opportunity to explain what type of yarn was used (baby alpaca grande). 

This is just one example of something I have noted for the love of my life. What have you knitted for someone you love? Do you have ongoing projects for that person? Do they tell you in advance what they would like you to make them? Or do you just surprise them with something special made with love?

I've written several articles on Valentine's Day that have knitting patterns for free. I'd like to share them with you because you can use them for any occasion:


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