January 7, 2016

Learning a New Knitting Technique

I must admit or rather confess that learning new knitting techniques is not a strong attribute of mine. Since I mostly learned to knit from a book, I felt like I struggled enough with just the most basic stitches and elements involved in knitting.

Because of this, I am very slowly branching out to learn how to do new things. I attribute my lack of confidence in the way that I learned to knit - by a book and pictures rather than a person. 

My advice is that if you want to knit, you can do it, easily! But learn how to knit by watching videos or getting one on one help from a local knitter (often small yarn shop owners are happy to help!).

What techniques do you know in the knitting world?
How did you learn them??
Which were the hardest for you to master?

Want more help in learning how to knit? Check out the videos in this article for valuable information!


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