January 7, 2016

Can You Have Too Much Yarn?

I'm sure many people especially husbands would say yes. I would say maybe but doubtfully.

The thing about yarn is you never know what you might need. Let's say you find an awesome pattern you want to try; well, you may not need the exact color but more than likely you'll need the brand, the correct amount of yarn, and/or the yarn type. 

I have a monster collection of yarn yet I still have to buy yarn to meet my desires when I find a pattern I love. at times. For example, I started an afghan recently and had 2 skeins of yarn to use for it (the same color). Since it required using two strands of yarn when knitting at all times, as you can imagine, I ran out of yarn quite fast! Of course, this meant I had to buy more!

On the other hand, I have gone overboard more than once when building my yarn collection. Usually this happens when I find a beautiful and awesome deal for a huge amount of yarn on Craigslist or eBay. I get worried someone else is going to snatch it up, so I buy up!

I think one of the reasons that husbands don't like their wives buying too much yarn (of course, I'm being sexist here lol) is that there just isn't enough room for all that yarn! Also, men don't like seeing craft materials lying around the house that never get used! Too often we just get sick of one hobby, so we abandon it without ridding our home of the clutter!

So consider your self discipline and your space and I bet you will know the answer to that question!

So, answer this:

Do YOU have too much yarn?
How much space do you really have? Do you have space for the yarn you have?
Have you ever gone overboard buying yarn or any other craft materials?
Have you ever found an awesome deal on yarn that you couldn't pass up?
Do YOU abandon projects or hobbies?

Give me your opinion! It may just help me in my next persuasive argument with my husband as to why I need more yarn (which we absolutely have no room for). LOL.

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