December 6, 2015

Using a Variety of Colors to Knit

There are many ways you can use more than one color when knitting. You can begin with a solid color and switch colors mid-project. You can also use a skein of yarn that already has a mixture of colors dyed into it. Another way to use multiple colors is to start your knitting project with two or more strands - each one being a different color. The point is to have fun and to add variety to your knitting projects. 

Another consideration may be to knit with complementary colors such as purple and yellow. If you are knitting for a sports fan or a member of a sports team you might consider using that teams colors and your knitting project for that person. 

It's also nice to find out what colors the person you're knitting for likes and doesn't like. The last thing you want to do is to spend time creating a beautiful project that they will not use. A perfect example is my sister-in-law who hates pink. 

Learn how to buy yarn so that you can get the color that you want by reading this original article written by me:

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