December 23, 2015

Christmas Crazy Knitting

Boy, I really wasn't prepared for Christmas this year! I normally make everyone gifts but I ran out of time!

My husband is the hardest to knit for because I'm constantly making him things. He's recently become fond of coffee so I whipped out a cozy for his mug yesterday (my first cozy).

As soon as Christmas is over, I'm getting started on stuff for next year so this doesn't happen again!

Do you homemake all your Christmas gifts and if so why?
Did you get all your knitting gifts done before the holiday or did it creep up on you? 

I make gifts for several reasons. First, we don't have the money to buy gifts for the holidays. Second, people tend to be impressed and appreciative that I took the time to make them something special. There are probably more reasons but finally, I don't usually want knitted/crafty stuff around my house adding to clutter. Our home is more minamilist and chic; not crafty and girly. I also enjoy knitting for others. 

Why do you knit and what do you do with your completed projects? How many do you keep? Are you involved in a charity where you can give your projects away? Do you knit year round and keep the stash of projects for birthdays and Christmas? Tell me all about your experiences!

Want to make quick gifts such as coasters? Here's the links to free knitting patterns for beautiful custom coasters that you can make in a day!

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