November 24, 2015

Why Did I Started Knitting?

I've always enjoyed volunteer work; it fulfills me. I used to write letters to soldiers stationed overseas who did not receive mail from home. However, the website I used decided to start charging the volunteers who wrote to these soldiers, and I thought that was just wrong. My mother had a heart attack and was stuck at home, not working, for a while. She is a busy body and went stir crazy. She found us an organization at her church called Threads of Compassion that would keep her busy while she rested. 

This charity accepted knitted or crocheted scarves as a sign of comfort for women who suffered from sexual abuse. I was really not a great knitter at first, since it was so new to me, but once I figured out how to garter stitch, I really enjoyed just producing one scarf after another until I had a huge pile. I presented my stack of scarves at our monthly meeting and truly enjoyed the thought that they would go to someone in need.

Why did you start knitting? Do you knit and crochet? If so which one do you prefer? Tell me all about your personal journey into the world of knitting! I look forward to reading all about it! :)

If you don't know how to knit then read this article and you will find five tutorials which will teach you the basics so that you can make an easy project. 

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