November 6, 2015

My Kitten and My Knitting

Each month I keep a stack of completed scarves together so that I can donate them at my monthly knitting meeting. I had a cabinet in one of my bedrooms that I began storing them in. When we got our new kitten (now a year and a half old), we kept her in that room mostly so she would stay out of trouble and so that we could get her and our current cat used to each other. I guess she felt safe in that little cabinet, hiding, and found comfort in laying in the basket with all of my finished scarves in it. 

I guess she also had some free time on her hands and some kitten playfulness to get out too, because I soon discovered she had pulled the yarn in various places on my scarves, making huge loops and basically messing them up. Of course she did not get punished and I went ahead and donated those scarves with a note of apology. I just hoped that those more experienced women in my club could fix those mistakes with their skills.

Want to make a small project that your pets can't destroy? How about a coaster set? Here are three free knitting patterns for coasters that I created. Enjoy!

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