November 26, 2015

Video: Learn to Tie a Slip Knot

Check out my first YouTube video!

A knitting tutorial on How to Tie a Slip Knot 

This is my first YouTube video, so it is far from perfect. I went thru a couple drafts; it was difficult trying to film my own hands lol. It also was hard, because my iPhone and iPad suck up so much memory (I rarely use my computer) so it would not support a long video - it had to be super short. That's okay, because I think that's what viewers want to watch anyway - a short and sweet video that teaches them what they are wanting to learn how to do (in this case - STEP ONE IN KNITTING: Learn How to Tie a SlipKnot)!

You can find this video along with four other videos created by others which will teach you knitting basics in the following article:

Whose videos on YouTube do you find most helpful and why? What have you learned by watching videos on YouTube? Although it isn't perfect what do you think of my first video?

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