November 28, 2015

Learn How to Knit with Videos

There are a number of YouTube videos that can teach you all of the different steps in order how to learn how to knit. I personally taught myself how to knit from books, which I would not recommend. However, I can't say that all videos are the best either. I have found that many of them go too fast and I cannot understand what they are doing or where the yarn is flowing exactly. When I made my first video, I really wanted to focus on making sure the audience could easily do the task I was teaching.

I did this by going thru the steps and using my words as an instructional tutorial. I did this slowly and clearly the first time through. Then, I ran through the steps a second time very quickly just to show a summary of what you should have learned from the video.

Has YouTube help you with your knitting? Which videos and particular were useful?
The following link has 4 YouTube videos that teach you knitting basics. You can easily learn how to knit just by watching the short videos. Also I plan to start a series of videos myself and my first video, how to tie a slipknot which is the first step in knitting, is provided in this link so check it out:

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