November 20, 2015

I Taught Myself How to Purl

must have read my intro book a hundred times trying to learn how to purl. I only knew how to knit, and I wanted to add a little variety to my garter scarves, especially since all of the women in my knitting club would crochet these beautiful elaborate scarves, and I would only have my plain garter ones. It seemed that no matter how I did it, when I tried to purl, I would end up with two backwards loops on my right needle rather than one neat looking loop as I should. 

Finally, I watched an introductory You Tube video that showed me how to purl. I had to watch it several times, but I realized where I had gone wrong. I was not putting the yarn in the front of the needle when I was trying to purl, but rather I was keeping in the back as I did when I knitted. That was my problem. Once I fixed it, it wasn't a completely smooth ride, but I basically mastered the purl stitch over time.

If you struggled to learn how to knit like I did then this article will be helpful as it has many videos that teach you how to knit along with free knitting patterns for beginners:

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