November 22, 2015

I Taught Myself How to Knit

In my knitting club, all of the women crochet rather than knit. I found that it was easier to learn how to knit than it was to learn how to crochet. I did try, but I just found it more comfortable to knit like I knew how. I didn't make the learning experience easy on myself either. 

Rather than watching You Tube videos that would teach me easily, I taught myself how to knit by reading a book and looking at pictures. Just learning how to tie a slip knot, cast on, knit, and bind off were hard enough without adding purling to the mix. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried, I could not understand how to purl.

It was so much easier to learn by watching! And there are many professional knitters who share their talents and skills happily. 

How did you learn how to knit or crochet? What are your recommendations for a new knitter? What did you struggle with when you learned the craft?

Take a moment to read these articles I wrote on how to make coasters and you will soon know how to knit if you don't already know how!!

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