October 13, 2015

Why People Knit

Did you know that some people knit to cure boredom? This most certainly can work because knitting is an endless hobby as you learn new techniques as you go and find new patterns on a daily basis. Where are you in your knitting journey? Are you a beginner or have you learned many new techniques? Share your experience! :)

Other people knit to find a way to express themselves as they become talented enough to create their own designs. I can relate to these people as I have created knitting patterns but I do prefer to offer them for free. There are probably hundreds to thousands of websites that offer free knitting patterns so anyone could find a pattern on just about anything if they just know where to look. 

Some do it to make money and others do it to bond with other knitters. Etsy has become the main online store for knitters who sell completed knitting items or particular knitting patterns that others want to buy. It is extremely popular but I choose to look for free knitting patterns and offer free knitting patterns because there are still so many of them out there. Do you sell on Etsy? Provide the link to your store in the comments section below and that way readers can check out your store and see if there is anything they would like to purchase. 

Why do you knit? Do you work for a charity? Do you knit for someone special? Are your holiday and birthday gifts knitted to save money? Do you knit things for your home or your pets or just yourself?

The reasons are endless! Share yours today!

Do you have a soon to be mother in your family or an upcoming baby shower to attend? Check out this dish cloth that you could make in a number of colors and fashion into a cute baby gift by tying a ribbon around it and placing it in an adorable basket. 

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