October 23, 2015

Why I Enjoy Knitting Dishcloths

Dishcloths are a great project to knit. They are typically simple and easy to knit. They can also be personalized. Usually when you are making someone a gift you know them pretty well. You should know their interests. For example if you have an uncle who is a football fan, a grill cook, a photographer or a drummer, you can find easy patterns that have footballs, grills, cameras and drums on them. 

Not only do I print appreciate the fact that I can find a dishcloth for just about anyone but I also appreciate the fact that given a little bit of time to search on the Internet I can find a free knitting pattern for the dishcloth that I want to make. It may take a little bit of time and effort to narrow down your search for the right item but I guarantee you that eventually you will find it. 

After doing this several times you will get the hang of it and you'll have a list of websites that offer free knitting patterns for dish cloths that you can return to when you need to make another one. One example is ravelry. If you create a free account and search under the advanced search setting you can search for free patterns and then in the top search box enter whatever interest or hobby you are searching for. 

One great example is my husband. He does have a vast array of interests but when we first met I did not know a lot of them. I knew he loved motorcycles so I was determined to find a dishcloth that had something to do with motorcycles. I found a free dish cloth with a Harley Davidson emblem on it and made it for him. When I later learned how much he loved to fish I made him a dishcloth with a bass on it. He loved and appreciated the fact that I listened to his interests. 

What challenges have you faced when trying to find the perfect homemade gift for someone in your life?
How did you achieve success?
What would you do differently now?
Where is your favorite place to find free knitting patterns for dishcloths?

You should try making one today because you can make one in one day; they are that simple and fast. Plus all of the ones that I have found our easy using only the knitting basic stitches of knit and purl. Sense I consider myself somewhat of a beginner still I have found dishcloths like this to be a quick and easy project. 

I did create the pattern of the butterfly below, but have not published it yet. However, I made a similar dishcloth of a baby cradle/stroller so check out these articles for the free knitting pattern!

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