October 24, 2015

Who Gets Which Knitting Projects?

After years of giving my friends and family more scarves than they will ever be able to wear in a lifetime, I decided to start making coasters, blankets, bookmarks, and dishcloths-things like that-things they could use.

They really loved the fact that I was branching out in my homemade gifts. It seemed like the people who were hard to buy for or who wouldn't wear a scarf loved coasters. My aunt who is a librarian loves books and reading so bookmarks suited her well. Those cooks in my life like my dear husband love the dishcloths and potholders I make. 

You can find something easy to knit for just about anyone. Even people who don't fall into those categories appreciate the thought of a washcloth featuring their interests and hobbies. 

When have you been creative in knitting a gift?
Who did you make it for and why was it a challenge to come up with a homemade gift for that person?

I'm always looking for new ideas when it comes to gift giving so I look forward to hearing what you've accomplished! :)

This article on how to make a specific dish cloth may help you in deciding what to make for whom:

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