October 28, 2015

My Husband Helps Me Knit

Bryan actually participates in my hobby because it is my life! He usually weaves in the ends, blocks any projects that need it, helps me track what row I'm on, and helps me find the right recipients for my projects as well as helping me organize all my knitting stuff. It's great to have a partner who helps!

We have started buying fancier yarn and it needs to be spun/wound up. We bought a yarn winder and this weekend that is his big project - to wind the yarn. 

Of course he doesn't do everything on the timeline I'd like, but I appreciate the help and try to be patient. I know that I'm lucky that he even cares about my interests. :)

Do you have anyone that helps you with the finishing touches?
Are you a part of any knitting group?
Who in the past has helped you with your hobby?

Want to learn the ins and outs of buying yarn? This article I wrote should help a lot!

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