October 12, 2015

Being Sick and Knitting

Well today I found it fitting to write about knitting. A short version of my life is that I am a housewife/mother. However, like anyone I get sick (more often than a normal person but opposite of my DH - he seems to be a carrier of sickness but NEVER gets sick). 

This was supposed to be a celebratory weekend but I have had either food poisoning or the stomach flu for over 24 hours. Usually I can garter stitch a scarf when I'm sick in bed but not this weekend. I'm barely able to just watch tv. I can usually always find time to knit but this is a rarity. Sometimes you just have to stay in bed and let it pass. :)

Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn't do your hobby because you were sick? How long were you sick and what did you do to pass the time?

If you are sick and a bowl tonight try knitting something quick and easy like a coaster set. This article contains three free knitting patterns for you!

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