October 22, 2015

A Health Benefit of Knitting

There are many health benefits associated with knitting. One big one is relaxation and peace. Once you become a knitter you may find you can throw away that Valium and find comfort in this hobby. Lol. So try using your talents as a knitter and test the theory that you may have just found a way to relieve your stress!

While of course I was joking about anti-anxiety medication there are health benefits associated with knitting. I am no doctor so I can only express my experiences, but I know that I am a multitasker and I went through a period of time when I needed to take a break from something that used to take up a lot of my time. 

I discovered that volunteer work fulfilled this void in my life. I turned to a church group who was knitting and crocheting for a charity called Threads of Compassion. At this exact moment in my life my mother had a heart attack and was forced to slow down in her job and take a leave of absence to calm her nerves and recover. By the way she is doing well now and she is 10 times the busy body that I am!

We joined the charity together and we learned how to knit together. I know that when I wasn't around to scold her she still found it difficult to just sit around and watch TV and knit. Eventually she followed doctors orders and got back on track and returned to work quitting the hobby. 

My path was a bit different and I still had the time to devote to knitting for this charity. Over time I did quit going to the group meetings but I did not quit knitting for the charity. I found peace in a time of my life that was chaotic in the art of knitting. 

I know there are many health benefits to knitting both confirmed by doctors and by those who knit. How has knitting benefited you? Do you know of any health benefits of knitting? How does knitting make you feel? Get personal and share your experience with the joy of knitting!

Are you suffering from anxiety or just boredom? Consider taking up this hobby! In this link you will find some tutorials on how to begin knitting so that you can start today! 

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